The Nicholas Building is a bustling creative hub. Home to an eclectic mix of small business and attractions including galleries, unique boutiques & stores, artist & design studios, architects offices small start ups & innovators.


From the fabulous Valli Myers to one of Australia’s most wanted fugitives, Gregory David Roberts (and everything in-between) , the Nicholas Building and its tenants, share an entangled and colourful history. The building was originally home to businesses associated with the Flinders Lane garment trade, commercial artists, medical practitioners and architects. Today the Nicholas Building is still a bustling creative hub, home to an eclectic mix of small business and attractions including a number of galleries , unique boutiques and retail stores, artist and design studios, architects offices and small start ups.
Designed by architect Harry Norris and built in 1926, the Nicholas Building is a historic landmark and Melbourne’s grandest example of ‘Chicago Style’ architecture. The exterior has a variety of Classical Revival features, such as giant order ionic pilasters to divide the upper façade into bays and Doric columns defining the lower section. The Nicholas Building incorporated the latest technology of its time, and a few surviving features can still be seen today, including a mail chute that carried letters down from upper floors. The Nicholas Building is currently listed by the National Trust and Heritage Victoria.
The Nicholas Building Association has recently formed to preserve and nurture the wonderful culture that the building pertains. For all of it’s rich history, the building’s community and permanence remains in a state of ambiguity. It’s existence as a diverse group of creative sole traders and small businesses is precarious however, with the recent formation of the Nicholas Building Association, we hope to foster the community during a time in which it is facing some significant challenges. The Nicholas Building Association is a group of tenants who have come together to provide support and advocacy in negotiations and engagement with government, institutions, the building agent and other bodies that affect the activities, tenancies or livelihoods of its members.

Event | A Night At The Nicholas: Summer Edition

Thursday, 7th December | 6pm - 9pm

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The Nicholas Building Association extends its warmest welcome and invites you to come in and have a drink, enjoy the views, explore the winding corridors and discover the hidden gems not regularly open to public. From our beautifully preserved art deco arcade to the 9th floor, visitors will have the opportunity to see where beautiful things are made, buildings are designed, art is shown and ideas are conceived of, and to meet the creative people behind them.

The event is part of the City of Melbourne’s Winter program and is sure to inspire.
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Pick up an event map and a cup of mulled wine on your way in for a small donation to the Nicholas Building Association. All proceeds received on the night will directly contribute to preserving and nurturing the special culture of the Nicholas Building, and enabling its community to continue to contribute to Melbourne’s creative and cultural landscape.

What's Open?

You can check our list below and also download our printer friendly guide here


Obus - Women's clothing
Kuwaii - Locally made women’s fashion
Vintage Sole - Unisex vintage & used clothing


RetroStar Vintage Clothing - Vintage clothing


202 - Kimono House - Japanese textiles & craft
204 - Harold & Maude - Recycle reuse repair
205 - L’uccello - Craft supplies retail


303 - The Powder Room - Perfume
304 - Summerhill Lashes - Beauty
318 - Calder Sartoria - Men’s tailoring and accessories


423 - Lovexevol - Illustration


506 - Li Fine Art Studio - Oil painting studio
510 - Sue Howard / Fiona Crawford / Linda Fry - Visual Art / Fine art / Artist
515 - Mary-Anne Stuart - Artist


602 Serena Lindeman - Milliner
608 Jill Kempson - Artist painter
611 Urban Creative Studio - Architect
613 Chroma Coda - Guitar pedal maker
613 Silky Foods - Cocovelle Coconut Latte & Hot Chocolate
614 Bibliopath - Book Sculptor
616 Marc Dixon Architect / Mark Phelan Design / Hall Studio - Aritecture / Interior Design
620 Cella 620 - Jewellery Studio
621 Elise Sheehan / Bella Clark / Yasmin Hackett - Jewellery and object makers


702 Little Mandarin Yoga Studio - Yoga studio
704 Victoria Mason - Jeweller
707 Cage me a Peacock - Gallery/Art studio
712 Aurelia Yeomans - Artist/Jeweller
714 BLINDSIDE - Artist Run Initiative / Art Gallery
723 Jenny Sinclair - Writer’s studio


803 Louise Macdonald Milliner - Milliner
805 Ethel Goes to Town - Vintage clothes, pre-loved costumes, accessories, shoes
806 Sean Layh - Oil-painter
807 Bob Brown Foundation - Environmental advocacy
811 Mark Trickey - Jeweller
816 Stephen McLaughlan Gallery - Art gallery


904 Agency Agency - Performance/Installation artist
907 Katzinka - Jeweller

Catch a lift to the top and be prepared to be delighted and surprised by what you discover in the Nicholas Building!

The Nicholas Building is located at 37 Swanston St Melbourne, corner Flinders Lane, opposite St Paul’s Cathedral - enter via arcade.